Sevenlog Limited is proud to be part of this all important project as the official clearing agent.  The year began with us successfully handling, clearing and finally transporting a Mill Shell of 10m in length and with a weight of 170 metric tons to the construction site of the CIMAF/CEMTEC cement factory.
To accomplish this, we hired the services of Mammoet (, the world’s number 1 company in heavy lift cargo. An 11axel heavy lift truck with 500MT pulling capacity and 600 horsepower was thus imported to execute the project. At Sevenlog, we get the job done by all means!
Thanks to this project Sevenlog Limited became the first point of entry for Mammoet into the country and hence accessing the entire sub region through us. With the heavy lift truck currently in our care, we are proud to be the go-to agent with the technical capacity to transport heavy lift cargo of up to 500MT.